Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Say goodbye to: Another Bad Creation - Coolin' at the Playground Ya Know!

Released Feb. 11th 1991
Well, we're starting off with an easy one, folks.  I remember very little about this group/album except for the fact that they were referenced, along with Bell Biv DeVoe, on the Boys II Men album Cooleyhighharmony*.

I feel pretty confident in saying that aside from (or maybe including) the six people on the cover, nobody needs to hear these songs again. 

In addition, it should be said that if for some reason I find myself in the mood for these prepubescent hip hop has-beens, I've still got two years left to purchase, borrow or illegally download their 1993 follow-up "It Aint What You Wear, It's How You Play It."  Ya know?

*Boys II Men's Cooleyhighharmony was the first cassette tape I ever owned.   Released on Feb 14th 1991, it too has expired.

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  1. Cuz, you know I love you and think you're brilliant. And yes, there is plenty of bad music out there that I would be more than happy to never hear again. But this idea of getting rid of ALL music more than 20 years old? Batshit crazy, cuz. Batshit crazy.

    How can you give up Billy B? Your future kids are gonna need that stuff...