Thursday, February 17, 2011

Say hello to The Snake Brothers - The Snake Brothers at Union Hall

I've got a lot of ideas for this blog but not all of them involve eliminating music.  This experiment is about the turnover of music.  Out with the old, in with the new.  So, periodically, I plan to blog about new music that I find through internet searches, record store dollar-bins, independent radio stations, etc.

Finding new music is something I've always enjoyed doing, but because I want to set some ground rules for this blog, I will only blog about music I discover from this day forward.  I don't want this to turn into a "look at all the cool bands I know that you don't" kind of thing.  I want this to be a "Check out this band I JUST discovered today" sort of thing.  I'll do my best to include all genres and pass as little judgment as possible.  These posts will serve solely as a way for us all to check out music that's being created today*

Okay, so today's record is called The Snake Brothers at Union Hall.  I stumbled upon it in a roundabout way by picking a city at random (picatollo, Idaho) then googling it in search for a local band.  The first one I found was a Metal Hairband called Snake Bones.  They had a pretty creepy (and extremely literal) album cover but as I looked further I had difficulty tracking down any actual audio files.  While doing a deeper search, I came across (a completely unrelated band) The Snake Brothers and their 1998 album South Jersey Waltz.  I listened to a couple of their songs on and discovered they're a folky-bluegrass band from New Jersey made up of five dudes in their... 50's and 60's?  They've been playing music since the mid-70's taking a couple decades off between records.  Union Hall was released in 2007.

These guys have a pretty clean website with an easy-to-operate audio player at the top of the page.  I highly recommend checking them out here:  The Snake Brothers    Hit play and minimize the window and add a cheery, folky soundtrack to whatever you're doing today.  Then, if you like it, buy one of their songs!

*Post 1991, but hopefully closer to 2011.


  1. I'll definitely have to check them out! And, may I say how relieved I am you picked this band over the other. They sound... disturbing. :)