Tuesday, April 5, 2011

R.I.P., Michael Jackson - Thriller

Released on Epic Records; November 30, 1982
I was three years old when this album came out.  Four, when the video debuted.  I remember not watching the video more than actually seeing it for the first time.  Not only was my mom adamantly against MTV, labeling it trash, but she also hated Michael Jackson.  "Boys shouldn't wear earrings."  The fact that it could potentially give her son nightmares for months was less of an issue.   At some point, however, I did watch the video and it was pretty awesome.  If you told me that it is, and will forever be, the greatest music video of all time, I'd be okay with that.

In 32 years, I have never owned a Michael Jackson album.  I never saw him in concert.  I've never seen "Captain EO".  With the exception of Netflixing "This Is It,"* I've devoted as little time with MJ's music as possible and yet, I've probably heard each of his singles a thousand times.  It's unavoidable.  The man was a pop icon.  The pop icon of pop icons.  So, if I've had enough of his music, I can only imagine how exhausted his fans must be.  Right, Cam?

Though I'm singling out "Thriller", seven of Michaels' studio albums have expired including "Bad" (exp. '07) and "Off the Wall" (exp. '99).  This leaves us with "HIStory" ('15), "Invincible" ('21) and "Dangerous" which expires in seven months!

FYI, Michael Jackson expired 06/25/09....which eerily enough is F.Y.I.

For the record, my favorite MJ song has always been "Billie Jean."

*I really enjoyed "This is It."  With all his faults and issues, the man certainly was a genius.  It was fascinating watching Michael work.


  1. I hear ya but good luck with that. Now 'Dont Stop Til You Get Enough ' just popped into head. Dang it. Are Weird Al's mj spoofs expired too?

  2. About half of Weird Al's music has expired. Everything from "Off the Deep End" (exp. 4.14.12) and after is still relevant. "OtDE" was the 2nd album I ever owned.