Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's over, Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend

Released October 22, 1991 on Zoo Entertainment
Another artist I found thanks to my sister.  I seem to remember her just giving me this CD straight up one day.*  Or maybe I stole it, I'm not sure.

This disc got a ridiculous amount of air time in my room during high school.  From beginning to end, a true classic album in my opinion.  Tracks like "I thought I knew you" and "I wanted to tell you" seem to carry a ton of emotion and are somewhere near the top of my favorite Sweet songs.

I bought the next three albums of his, stopping with "100% Fun" (exp. '15).  I sort of seesawed on "Altered Beast" (exp. '13 ) and Son of Altered Beast" (exp. '14) never really embracing them in the same way as "Girlfriend."

In 2006 he released a Legacy Edition called "Goodfriend" with all remastered tracks from his 1991 album.  Feeling reminiscent, I picked it up.  Unfortunately, I don't acknowledge remastered tracks of expired music so I have to let them go as well.  For some reason none of his other albums ever made it to my iTunes, so my iPod is officially free of Matthew Sweet.

Additionally, Del tha Funky Homosapien's 1991 release "I Wish My Brother George Was Here" has also expired as of Oct. 22nd.  I will be deleting this album from my iPod after publishing this article.

* I know that's how I got Bad Religion's "Stranger Than Fiction" exp. '14

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  1. Sorry, Cuz. Girlfriend is one of the ones that won't go out of rotation for me...