Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Released November 26, 1991 on Epic
Once again, I'm late to the game with Michael Jackson's eighth studio album "Dangerous."  It expired on Saturday.  I was too busy playing in a poker tournament to notice.

I've got a handful of memories tied to this record.  The first are the mind blowingly awesome spfx at the end of the Black or White video.  People morphing into other people seamlessly!  Super awesome.  Additionally, the mcaulay culkin (sp?) cameo is pretty great.

The second, is from high school when my best friend and I "performed" in a student-produced "music video" to the song "Jam."  Though, now that I think of it, I might not have actually appeared in the video at all.  I just remember my friend The Beetle saying "Jam" over and over and my other friend doing the rap.  It exists somewhere on VHS, I'll have to track it down.  Or not.

With the loss of "Dangerous" you're pretty much looking at two more studio albums, if you include HIStory, Which I think is a best-of album.

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  1. you were the friend who did the rap.. i think we were both in pretty much everyone's video