Sunday, May 6, 2012

Salida, Selena - Entre a Mi Mundo

Released May 6th, 1992 on EMI Latin
With the unfortunate recent deaths of Adam Yauch and Whitney Houston, the world is left wondering what could have been?  How many more records could the Beastie Boys* have released if cancer hadn't have been so cruel?  And was Whitney's final release "I look to you" (exp. '29) the beginning of a comeback?**

Similarly, seventeen years ago, the world lost Selena.  Murdered at the age of 23 by the president of her fan club, Selena's discography was cut short at only five studio albums.  The third, "Entre a Mi Mundo," expires today.  I sometimes feel a little guilty when I'm expiring the music of people who died young, but in this case, we'll just have to blame it on Yolanda Saldivar***

For those of you still celebrating the "Queen of Tejano Music", you've got three more years to enjoy the rest of her catalog.  Her final release "Dreaming of You" won't expire until July of 2015.  The good news is, you will always be able to watch Selena, the movie based on her life starring Jennifer Lopez.****  The film will never expire.  The soundtrack will in March of 2017.

*Check Your Head expired last month.
**Probably not.
***Her sentence of life imprisonment expires in 2025 when she will gain the chance of parole.
****J. Lo has seven studio albums.  All of which are in play.

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