Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adios, Madonna - Like A Prayer

Released March 21, 1989 on Sire/Warner Bros.
This is an easy one for me.  I have never ever ever been a Madonna fan.  ...but...  if a gun was placed to my head and I had to pick a favorite M song, it would have to be "Papa Don't Preach."  Unfortunately, that song, along with the rest of True Blue has also expired.  In fact, for you Madonna/Expired Music fans playing along at home, you're now looking at Erotica being the earliest available Madonna album.

I wonder if that's a big deal.  Have Madonna fans (is there a term for these people, like DeadHeads?) drawn a line in her catalog marking a point where she stopped being awesome?  Or do they love everything she does?  Also, have I just eliminated all of pre-weird-accent Madonna?

I'm asking questions I don't really care to know the answers to.  But I've gotta fill some space here somehow.

ADDITIONALLY:  I want to make sure people understand that I'm actually practicing what I preach.  (I'm in trouble, deep)  I'm doing everything in my power to avoid music pre-1991.  This includes turning off my radio when a song I KNOW is older than twenty years comes on.  So far, it hasn't been a problem.

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