Friday, April 8, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Boat - Dress Like Your Idols

Released on Magic Marker Records; March of '11
The other day I heard this song "Bite My Lip" on KXLU.  I arrived at work before the DJ had a chance to back announce, so the first thing I did when I got to my computer was instant message her (their AIM is kxludj) and ask for the name of the band.  It turns out the band was BOAT.  Another group from Seattle, BOAT has been around since 2006 releasing a handful of 7"'s and EP's over the years.

Their latest album "Dress Like Your Idols" is supposedly cleaner and "more mature" than their previous efforts.  However, thes lyrics seem pretty playful with equal part pop, so I'm not sure what that says about their earlier stuff's maturity level.

As you can probably tell, their album art gives a shout out to nine of their major musical influences.  I recognize five, know four, but only actually own one.*

Thanks to my buddy Wesley, I purchased "DLYI" for less than 2 bucks at gomusicnow.**  Check out their track "(bang my chest like) King Kong" which I've embedded at the top of this posting.  If you dig it and wanna hear more, go to the band's website here.

*"Time Trials" fans may smile at Center Square. ; I own the top right album.

**Have you people heard of this site?  Their prices are INSANE.  I don't know how legit the site is, but I've downloaded 15 albums for around 12 bucks.  I like to think that the artist is receiving 100% of the money.

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