Friday, July 8, 2011

Toodles, Green Day - 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

Released on Lookout! July 1, 1991
I discovered Green Day, along with most of the world, in 1994 when the band released their third studio album "Dookie." (Exp. '14)  After seeing the video for "Longview" a million times in the first week on Mtv, I bought the CD.

As I mentioned in my NOFX post, say what you will about punk rock but this record played a big part in introducing me to the genre.  The band took a lot of heat from the rest of the East Bay bands for leaving Lookout! and signing with a major label.  Some might say they've made a career out of pissing off fans, steadily becoming more and more mainstream and never really appealing to anyone over the age of 16. 

I remember being in my Sunday School class, (yes, at the age of 15...) and talking to a friend of mine about "Dookie."  He scoffed and said "They suck now."  I hadn't realized they'd already released two albums "1,039" & "Kerplunk." (Exp. '12)  It was pretty clear to me that I'd never be as cool as my friend, but I could certainly try.  A couple days later I went to the record store and picked up the other two albums.

Of the three, "Kerplunk" was and remains my favorite, though they all received significant airplay in my bedroom.  You know, I never bought another Green Day album and it's probably because my friend's voice is still in the back of my head saying "they suck now." 

If you're a fan of Green Day, there's still 7 studio albums to enjoy.  As well as a stage adaptation of American Idiot on Broadway.  According to Wikipedia, Billie Joe Armstrong did a 50 performance run as the main character earlier this year.  I wonder if he still has time to jerk it.

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  1. Have you heard tracks 9,10, and 11 on the Insomniac album? It's probably the best back-to-back trilogy of songs by Green Day.