Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fast like a bandaid, Ween - GodWeenSatan

Released in 1990 by Twin/Tone Records
Oooof.  This one's like taking a punch to the gut.

I came to the conclusion a few years ago that Ween is my all-time favorite band.  Higher on my list than Rush, higher than NoFX, higher than the 2 Skinnee J's...  They've taken over the #1 slot and I don't see them being replaced any time soon.

Ween is just two dudes: Gene and Dean (not their real names) who, ATW, met in 1984 during their 8th grade typing class.  (the only class to help me in my professional career!)  They've spent the last 27 years creating some of the most random, eclectic, experimental music around, and to date, have released 11 studio albums.*  Typically, when I recommend them to people, I make sure say that because they're constantly jumping from genre to genre, they shouldn't be judged on one album alone.**  It's possible that the only common thread linking their catalog together is the use of distorted vocals... and possibly extremely bizarre lyrics.

I can remember two instances where I first learned of Ween:  (though I'm not sure which happened first)

Years ago, there was a cable access show in New York called Squirt TV.  It was hosted by a 14 year old kid and shot out of his bedroom!  Living in Louisiana, I obviously didn't get Squirt but sometime later Mtv picked it up as a series.  I remember catching a clip of this cool little kid (he's only 10 days older than I am... what am I doing with my life?!) sitting on his bed next to Gene and Deen Ween.  

Second, their video for "Push th' little daisies" aired in part on the Mtv series "Beavis and Butthead."  If you haven't seen it, it's a WEIRD freakin video.  And a WEIRDER freakin' song.  This song was off their second album "Pure Guava" (exp. '12).

I imagine it's because I was still pretty young, but I didn't actually purchase a Ween album until 1994 when "Chocolate and Cheese"*** (exp. '14) was released. 

GodWeenSatan expired in 2010 and is the only Ween album I've had to delete from my itunes.

*One album, Craters in the Sac (exp. '19) was released as mp3 files only.  It's also the only studio album of theirs I don't currently own.

**I give the same advice when I recommend 88.9 FM KXLU -- the greatest radio station on Earth.  If you tune in and you don't like what you hear, check back in five minutes, it will surely be something entirely different.  (unless it's a weekend in which case it's salsa!)

***This album currently holds the top spot for favorite ALBUM of all time.

Watch "Push th' Little Daisies" HERE

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