Monday, August 29, 2011

Even Superman gets old, Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite

Released August 20, 1991 on Epic
I'm a little late getting to this, but as of a week and a half ago, Spin Doctor's "Pocket Full of Kryptonite" has expired.

I have two small memories surrounding this album.  The first is listening to "Two Princes" while riding my bike in circles on my friend's driveway, waiting for him to come out and play.  The second is less of a memory and more of a stupid habit.  To this day, if someone asks me what time it is, I'm 40% likely to respond with "4:30.  It's not late, it's early."*  This is a lyric from, I believe, "What Time is It?"  Track 2 on "PFoK." 

This was their debut and most successful release going five times platinum.  If you absolutely must listen to the Spin Doctors, they've still got four studio albums that will remain accessible until 2014 when "Turn it Upside Down" gets the axe.  Or, you can just catch their contribution to the opening credits of Spin City in reruns.

A couple interesting facts I learned about tSD's from Wikipedia is that they are good friends with the band Blues Traveler, even sharing members in the beginning.  Also, singer Chris Barron lost his voice due to a rare acute form of vocal cord paralysis that severely affected his ability to talk.  He was told he had a 50-50 chance of ever talking or singing normally again.  Spoiler alert, he can talk and sing normally.

*100% if you ask me at 4:30

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