Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You've crapped out, Rush - Roll The Bones

Released September 3, 1991 on Anthem/Atlantic
I'm a few days late, but as of Saturday Rush's 14th studio album "Roll the Bones" has expired.  My uncle introduced my cousin and I to this band when we were kids.  I spent the next several years collecting their music.  Every time I'd walk into a music store I'd head straight for the "R" section.  I still remember being in the New Orleans Riverwalk Mall and coming across "Caress of Steel" on CD*.  I'd never heard of it and felt like I'd unearthed a secret bootleg recording.

I've probably got more memories tied to this band than any other.  19 studio albums makes that an easy title to hold.  One of my favorites is when the local classic rock station announced they'd be playing the yet-to-be-released "Counterparts" album in its entirety beginning at midnight.  I stayed up super late, sat in the corner of my room and recorded the whole thing on cassette.

I'll also never forget the summer my cousin and I (with the help of my aunt) painted two large murals in their church's game room.  James did an amazing job recreating the "Grace Under Pressure" cover while I painted the "Signals" cover.**  Both were badass, both have been painted over since.  Why did it happen?  Because it happened.

I'll be honest, though I do love "Roll the Bones" it's not in my top five Rush albums.  It hasn't gotten a lot of play in recent years, so it will most likely be a while before I really start to miss it.  In the meantime I'll be listening to their last five albums...  Well, I'll at least be listening to "Counterparts."

*"Lakeside Park" is one of my favorite tunes of theirs.

**I hid my initials on the face of the hydrant.

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